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(Frequently Asqued Questions)
How are your fonts better than others ?
We have been delivering reliable technical fonts since 1997, which means we had ample time to work around hardware and software limitations. We compiled an extensive knowledge base, and can efficiently help you overcome installation and usage needs. Our fonts are used daily by the biggest companies.
How complex is it to print from my application, in a nutshell ?
If you do not feel like going though all the documentation available on the site, let us say it is as simple as past!ing the code into it.
Do you provide VBA source or Excell macros, so I can create my own application ?
No, at this time this barcode package is primarily intended for end users, not intended for developpers, and it does not contains the means to create your own program. Because barcode encoding is much more complex than simply typing numbers in, we do not recommend you purchase this package, if you want to generate bardcodes without the help of the barcode wizard.
Important : this product is intended for end-users only, Therefore no code or algorithm is available for database developments such as MS Access can be provided, Developpers should look for other sources to implement EAN-13 within their applications.
What if it does not work ?
The Barcode Wizard is provided under the concept of shareware. Which means you can download an evaluation version, identical in essence to the final product, except numbers 1 and 6 are replaced by a watermark that does not scan. Apart from that, dimensions are identical, and you can play with it an do all measurements, make sure it works fine, before you buy. If yyou genearte codes that do not contain these digits, they will scan perfectly. We strongly recommend you play first with the free evaluation package and make sure you are satisfied with it, before you order.
I still have questions.
888-572-9946 Monday-Saturday 9 AM-5 PM.
Please feel free to ask by email and we will reply ASAP. You can also request more information by fax at 215-893-5123.
While we do our best to make sure you enjoy our fonts to their fullest, please remember that they are both technical, and artistic creations. We will gladly provide support for technical questions. Requests for artistic changes will be taken as suggestions, which implies one should not expect aesthetic touches as part of a normal support. Nevertheless, artistic point of views and suggestions are always welcome, and appreciated.
Before contacting us, please make sure you have read the end of this document. It has been written, based on questions asked very frequently, by users who requested support. Finding the answer in this document will save you time and aggravation.
For practical and financial reasons, we cannot provide phone technical support. You may, however report any problem at (310) 388-5216. We will usually follow up within 24 hours (we try to reply as fast as possible), by email or by fax.
You can contact us by email for insight. Please try to be as specific as possible, in order to get appropriate help. Remind us the name of the font you are using, on which platform (Mac, Windows or OS/2), and the exact nature of the problem. Depending on the complexity of the question, you will receive a reply, usually within 24 hours.
Reported technical bugs will be fixed as rapidly as possible. However, given the necessity for tests and verifications, it is impossible to give standard time limit. In general, past experiences have shown an average response in less than a week. When completed, font updates will be sent to the customer who has reported the bug by email (or regular mail, if no email is available).
The standard user license granted upon regular purchase is for ONE (1) user. However, the software can be installed on several computers, as long as only the licensed user is using it. For instance, fonts are frequently used on a desktop computer, and a laptop. This license does not grant in any way the right to distribute or sell the software.
Multi-user licenses are available. These license allow simultaneous usage of the software on several computers. Please contact us for more information.
Users of the fonts or programs must accept this disclaimer of warranty: "These fonts or programs are supplied "as is". The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of these fonts."
The fonts delivered upon purchase are registered versions, and should under no circumstance be passed around. They are reserved to your own use, or the company who acquired them.

Evaluation versions are provided so users can test as they see fit the fonts before purchase. Software is delivered electronically by download to the user disk, and therefore cannot be returned, like hardware goods. Hence all sales are final. If for any reason the registered version of the font/program was provided to you directly by or Match Software on a defective media (disk or archived electronic content), it will be exchanged for a new one at no cost.
If you have suggestions for improving this font/program, we appreciate your comments. It does not mean we will fix or modify the font in the way you wish in a given time, or that we must do it in any way. However, if we feel the suggestion is appropriate, next version of the software may be inspired from this advice.
We decline any responsibility if for any reason this font/program is put to bad use in any way. It worked fine on a regular configuration, and on a regular printer, with the most usual software packages. If, for any reason, it could not work on your specific configuration, Match Software cannot be held responsible. As technical combinations are almost infinite, and because systems evolve in ways we cannot predict, it might happen a new system, or a particular configuration, does not work with a font. For instance, because a new version of the system requires a new font format. In general, we will try to keep up with the system versions, and eventually offer upgrades, if possible, but it does not constitute an obligation, nor would it be the case if you acquired a set of seats cover for your specific car, and require they fit any new car you may decide to buy later on.

Disclaimer : EAN13 Mtch™, Barcode Wizard™, are trademarks of and its owners.
All other intellectual properties, such as copyright and trademarks, mentioned in this document, belong to their respective holders.