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For Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, NT, 2008 and 2003 and compatible.

The EAN13 Match™ font and Barcode Wizard™ are the easiest to use, most precise tools to produce reliable bar codes from your PC and laser printer, or from a typesetting equipment. This package suits the largest variety of printers and configurations, as well as typesetting and printing equipment.
The setup program automatically installs the Barcode Wizard™, the EAN13 Match™ font for you, so all you need to do is to manage your product coes. The Barcode Wizard™ is added to your Start menu, so you can produce barcodes immediately.

Free EAN-13 barcode Font and Barcode Wizard™ working samples Windows and Macintosh for download.

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Free download Windows

Download the free Windows evaluation sample installer, including the Barcode Wizard™ and the TrueType and ATM Type 1 EAN13 Match™ fonts. It works exactly like the full product, except the font does not print all numbers (1 and 6 missing), but it can be used for test scans with codes that do not contain them. At the end of download, simply click on "Open" to install.

Click here for free barcode font Windows sample

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Windows EAN13 Match barcode Font, and Barcode Wizard™
Plain and simple efficient EAN-13 bar codes

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To print EAN-13 bar codes that will scan fine with all systems, you need the most precise EAN-13 barcode font, and just as importantly, a system that will compute for you which characters to use. This is, plain and simple, what this package is all about. Install the program, and that's it ! You do not need to know esoteric commands and bizarre calculus to use this product. You will be producing perfect bar codes in minutes.

How does it work?

EAN-13 bar codes are used widely in Europe and gradually all over the planet to print product codes that will be recognized by point of sales scanners, as well as robots or hand held devices, used to manage inventory. Bar codes are the closest graphic representation of the series of zeros and ones used by computers to represent numbers. Without going too much into technical details, bar code fonts are not as easy to use as regular fonts, because computers need to verify the value of the product code, and the way they "think" is widely different from the human way. Because of that, some calculus is required to print correct bar codes. This is the job of the enclosed Barcode Wizard.

Our exclusive Barcode Wizard™ program will let you very simply enter the product code, and process it to obtain right away the data you need to print.

Just for the fun of it, here is the way the "check character" is computed for 123456789012.

The parity check character is computed from the total of even position digits, multiplied by three, then substracted from the closest multiple of ten.
Parity check character = 2 + 0 + 8 + 6 + 4 + 2 = 22 * 3 = 66 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 + 3 + 1 = 92
Then, look for the closest multiple of 10 to 92, which is 100 and substract the total.
100 - 92 = 8 (Parity check character)"

There is no doubt the Barcode Wizard™ will save you aspirin and time!

Important : this product is intended for end-users only, Therefore no code or algorithm is available for database developments such as MS Access can be provided, Developers should look for other sources to implement EAN-13 within their applications.

The Barcode Wizard™

Windows barcode font and Barcode Wizard

The Barcode Wizard™ takes out of creating bar codes all the cruel calculus usually needed for bar code fonts. All you need to know is the product code. The program will automatically generate the intricate character chains needed to print scanable bar codes.

Here is the process:

1 ­ Enter the item (product) code in the top box
2 ­ Click the "Process" button

That's it! In seconds, the Barcode Wizard™ has created automatically two important pieces of information: the barcode itself. It has been copied by the program into the Windows clipboard, you can now paste into any standard Windows program such as word processors, desktop publishing programs, Excel, Word, Access or any graphic program. All you got to do to paste the result in your favorite application is to use the Edit/Paste menu command, or the standard Control-V keyboard shortcut (in standard Windows programs).

The second piece of information is the character chain used to generate the bar code with the EAN13 Match™ font. In effect, what a standard font would show instead. This information can be useful to understand the complexity involved, if you where to use the font without the help of this lifesaver program! This bit of information can also be useful for printers and programmers.

The Barcode Wizard™ can also generate EAN-8 bar codes. Today, EAN-8 is seldom used.

Please note that in case you entered a product code shorter than the required length, it will automatically be padded by zeros. The same thing occurs when you switch to EAN-8 and back, as the product code will be shorter for EAN-8.

You can also print the bar code, to see how it will look on paper, by using the File/Print command, as in any standard Windows program. Printing size is optimal at size 90. Smaller may not scan, larger may not fit on standard stickers. You may want to compare your printed result to commercial packages. Simply enter the product code from an "off the shelf" box in the Barcode Wizard™ to print and tune your graphics. Please note that most U.S. Made products use a different barcode standard, called UPC, which is quite different. In general, EAN-13 codes do not start by zero, but rather by 3 (France) or 5 (Germany) for instance. Another difference is that usually, UPC bar codes have small digits on each side of the bar code, when EAN codes usually do not have small digits on the right hand side. At any rate, if you enter an UPC code in the Barcode Wizard™ for EAN-13, it will not look at all like the original, where an EAN-13 barcode will look identical.

This simple to use, affordable package is not meant to introduce users to the beauties of rocket scientist EAN-13 parity check calculus, as some other packages out there seem to conduce. Our goal is rather, to provide a convenient tool for the business community. With a simple font and program, you can start producing scanable bar codes for your packaged products in minutes, and center your energies towards selling it, the very reason why bar codes are so widely used today.

This package contains NO complicated VBA sources, NO intricate macros. It is intended for use with the simple Barcode Wizard.

Do you want to try this exclusive package before you buy ? Just download the free tryout package (see left).

This is the ultimate money-back guarantee : try, test and use the product before you buy, get the feeling of it, and if you like it, the complete package is just a couple clicks away.
Complete EAN13 Match font and Barcode Wizard™ package

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